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'Best of Best'
Sung Jin Cosmetics Company Limited established in 1984 was born based on the technical skills and knowhow of manufacturing Cosmetic Brushes of CEO YK Byeon who built a career early in a manufacturing factory of Cosmetic Brushes. From the initial establishment time, CEO YK Byeon has tried to develop innovative products in order to have competition in the rapidly changing international community and consequently, he got international patent in 1990 on the "Pull-up Brush" which is still best selling item as an international hit and being produced by many different companies.
'Always try to develop new products'
"Under the company's motto "always try to develop new products", Sung Jin has developed many unique and innovative products and as a result, Sung Jin has got 50 items of international patents. Most of our new developments are not normal make up brush or simple cosmetic package, but the Functional Containers with Brush/Applicator that have discharging functions integrated with brush/applicator. The patented functional containers have been exported to the major global cosmetics companies such as Estee Lauder group(Clinique, Mac, Bobbi Brown), Lancome, Dior, P&G and L'oreal group for the loose powders and liquid type cosmetics.
In 1994, the factory has been moved to Tianjin
In 1994, the factory has been moved to Tianjin, China and had production scale for Injections, Tooling and Metals in one factory site that can control qualities strictly. Sung Jin has been trying to keep the quality management with continuous investment for R&D and factory automations. Along with the certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001, the factory has been certified its quality system and social accountability by the major cosmetics companies in the world such as Estee Lauder group, L'oreal, LVMH and P&G by passing both their quality audit and social audit.
"Innovation", "Creation" and "Challenge", Sung Jin continues
In 2012, Sung Jin has taken over the new factory in Hwaseong, Korea who has equipped the Injections, Sprays, brand new UV lines, Automatic Assembly Lines and Clean Rooms, and set up the newest facilities and the precision measuring instruments to manufacture the functional packages. We are producing newly developed Rotary type Airless Bottle, which is international patent pending, in the new Korean factory and will make this factory for the specialized facility to manufacture the functional packages only including the Airless Bottles based on technical skills and know-how we built for many years while the Tianjin factory in China will be continued to produce the typical Make-up Brushes only as a specialized facility for the Cosmetic Brushes. According to our mission statement, "Innovation", "Creation" and "Challenge", Sung Jin continues to invest for the constant R&D and makes every efforts to approach the customers with creative new development and best quality.
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Youngkwang Byeon